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State of the crowdfunding

Total funding threshold
460,000 €
Financing state (Mar 22, 2017)
927,761 €
Startnext purchases: 79,911 €
Investments 2015: 384,550 €
Investments 2016-I: 83,300 €
Investments 2016-II: 90,500 €
Investments 2016-III: 86,000 €
Investments 2017-I: 100,000 €
Investments 2017-II: 99,500 €
Investments 2017-III: 4,000 €

Investment opportunities starting May 2017

Starting from May 4 2017, we offer the new possibility to give a subordinated loan with a minimum amount of 1500 €. Please, communicate the desired amount of the subordinated loan to Locomore, and we will send you the blank loan agreement. The duration of the subordinated loans is 5 years. For legal reasons, the subscription volume of these publicly offered loans is limited to 100.000 €. The contract for the subordinated loans includes the following conditions:

Interest rate Payment in cash (p.a.) Payment in ticket vouchers (p.a.)
From 1500 € 3.5 % 7.0 %
From 3000 € 3.75 % 7.5 %
From 5000 € 4.00 % 8.0 %
From 10000 € 4.15 % 8.3 %

If you are interested in subscribing a subordinated loan with Locomore, please send an e-mail to investment@locomore.com enclosing the following information:

  • your first name, last name and your postal address
  • your desired amount of investment
  • our specification, whether the payment of the interest should be made in cash or in Locomore ticket vouchers
  • your bank details (IBAN) for the interest payments and loan repayment

Important note and warning:

The subscription of the above advertised subordinated loans entails significant risks and can result in the complete loss of the invested capital.
→ Thus, you should not invest your entire piggy bank, but rather use money whose loss you could tolerate in the worst case. With your investment in Locomore, you support a company whose undertaking you deem to be meaningful. We invested already a lot of money ourselves in Locomore, and we work hard for the success of the company, since we want that also our own investments in time and money bear fruit in the long term!

In accordance with para. 2, section 1 and 2 of the current version of the German Investment law (Vermögensanlagegesetzes (VermAnlG)) no prospectus is required for the here promoted investment, since the volume of expenditure in the calendar year 2016 is limited to  € 100,000.