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6/3/16 — Berlin – Hannover – Frankfurt – Stuttgart Daily connection from December 14, 2016

It is done! We were able to finalise - after long negotiations - two of the most important contracts which enable us to provide our new train service between Stuttgart and Berlin.

With SRI Rail Invest GmbH, we signed jointly a rental contract for eight passenger carriages. These carriages will be modernised for our first line between Stuttgart and Berlin. People travelling with Locomore can now choose between different options. Besides the classic compartment wagons, there will be air-conditioned coaches which also contain a saloon area. In the saloon area new and modern seats offer another seating choice. Our coaches will run at a maximum speed of 200 km/h. All coaches provide tables, power sockets and WIFI.

We also finalised an agreement with the Swedish rail company Hector Rail which will be responsible for train operations. Hector Rail will run the daily operations with their own, modern Siemens locomotives (BR 182) and their own engine staff.

After we managed to secure 539.000 € as our basic financing via crowdfunding from October till May, the final start of our services is now determined. Unfortunately, we can not stick to the original plan to start in September. We will begin offering our services on Wednesday, 14th December 2016, shortly after the regular timetable change. Ticket sales are planned to start at the end of September. Then ticket vouchers which were bought via Startnext can be used for bookings, too.

Continuing our crowdfunding

In order to be able to increase our activities in sales and marketing, we will need more capital until the start of our services. From 1st of June on, we will continue our crowdfunding and offer the possibility to sign new subordinated loans with a total sum of 100.000 €. More information can be found at locomore.com/invest.

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