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2/7/17 — Travelling with Locomore in your summer holidays

So far, booking tickets for our new orange-coloured long-distance train has only been possible up to 20th June. From today, Tuesday 7th February, tickets for the summer and autumn months can additionally be booked under https://locomore.com.

This means: Tickets are now available up to and including 6th November 2017!

Up to the present day, more than 30,000 passengers have travelled on our Locomore trains.

At present, during the winter timetable, the train runs a reduced service from Thursday afternoon till Monday afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday are used for intensive maintenance work on our vehicles. Even after such a short time, a positive balance can be drawn up: The quality on board could be significantly improved, the order of the carriages is stable again, WiFi works in the orange-coloured carriages and the problems concerning the toilets have largely been solved. From 6th April Locomore will operate on a daily basis again!

(Stand: 2017-02-07, 12:30)

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